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Thurston Moore Group — 2017 Tour Dates

October 14 Joshua Tree, CA Desert Daze

October 16 Tempe, AZ – Valley Bar

October 17 Tucson, AZ – 191 Toole

October 18 Albuquerque, NM – Sister

October 20 Denver, CO – Globe Hall

October 29 Athens, Greece – Fraternity of Sound Festival

November 10 Utrecht, Netherlands – Le Guess Who

November 11 Kortrijk, Belgium – Sonic City Festival

November 14 Frankfurt, Germany – Das Bett

November 17 Leipzig, Germany – Trancentury Festival

November 18 Dusseldorf, Germany – New  Fall Festival

November 19 Paris, France – Cafe de la Danse

November 23 Lisbon, Portugal – Lux Fragil

February 18, 2018 Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom – Sabertooth Music Festival w Heron Oblivion



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We Sing A New Language: The Oral Discography Of Thurston Moore – Released On March 13
“We Sing A New Language” represents the first attempt made to draw together and comprehend the solo and collaborative works of Thurston Moore, outside of the Sonic Youth. Through the testimony of 170 friends and fellow musicians, the book describes the stories and inspirations behind over 200 releases Thurston has been featured on. The book features an extensive section detailing the biographies of the participants and the most extensive published discography of Thurston’s works yet seen


Thurston’s new book “Stereo Sanctity: Lyrics & Poems” (Ecstatic Peace Library/Rough Trade) is out and available exclusively at Rough Trade and is their “Book of the Month”.


The Best Day – Thurston Moore –  LP/CD  

Listen to a stream of The Best Day now at NPR in N. America or at The Guardian in Europe.

Out now the latest solo album from Sonic Youth co-founder Thurston Moore, ‘The Best Day’. Recorded in London with his new band — featuring guitarist James Sedwards (Nøught), bassist Deb Googe (My Bloody Valentine) and SY drummer Steve Shelley, ‘The Best Day’ is a staggeringly confident, expansive work, one that not only rivals much of Moore’s past work, but also suggests his relocation to England has inspired a creative rebirth of sorts. Keep in mind, we’re already dealing with one of the harder working, prolific characters in modern music, rock or otherwise.  Listen to the song  ‘The Best Day’.


     The Best Day Track Listing:

1.       Speak To The Wild

2.       Forevermore

3.       Tape

4.       The Best Day

5.       Detonation

6.       Vocabularies

7.       Grace Lake

8.       Germs Burn




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