Thurston’s new book ”Stereo Sanctity: Lyrics & Poems” (Ecstatic Peace Library/Rough Trade) is out and available exclusively at Rough Trade and is their “Book of the Month”.

June 2

Thurston Moore hosts Necrobutcher
For “The Death Archives: Mayhem 1984-94″ (Ecstatic Peace Library)
London Book Launch
Rough Trade East

June  4
Thurston Moore joins the Stoke Newington Literary Festival to discuss ‘Musics’

June 5
Thurston Moore meets Konstrukt in Istanbul International Arts & Cultural Festival

June 9
Musics (Ecstatic Peace Library) Book Thurston Moore, David Toop and Steve Beresford present the Launch & Exhibition RECEPTION
Tender Books
Cecil Court London

June  11-12
The Thurston Moore Group

Field Day
Victoria Park, London, UK

June 13 London UK –  Cafe OTO
Ecstatic Peace Library Conference 1
Thurston Moore and Brix Smith plus guests

June 14 London  UK – Cafe OTO
Ecstatic Peace Library Conference 1
Thurston Moore and Deb Googe
plus guests from Feminist Improving Group

June 15 London UK – Cafe OTO
Ecstatic Peace Library Conference 1
Thurston Moore & Tania Chen
plus guests Trashkit

June 19  London UK Cafe OTO– Thurston Moore joins the Alterations Festival

June 24  Paris France – Louvre
The Thurston Moore Group

Perform “Live Score” / Film

July  15
The Thurston Moore Group  Tonsberg – Slottsfjell Festival, Norway

July 22
The Thurston Moore Group Leeds UK - Millennium Square

July 23
The Thurston Moore Group Siren Festival, Italy

July  31
The Thurston Moore Group Hertfordshire, UK – Standon Calling

August 20
The Thurston Moore Group
Pstereo Festival / Trondheim, Norway

September 2
The Thurston Moore Group
Berlin, Germany – Popkultur Festival

September 9
The Thurston Moore Group
N Dorsett, UK – End of The Road Festival

The Best Day – Thurston Moore –  LP/CD  

Listen to a stream of The Best Day now at NPR in N. America or at The Guardian in Europe.

Out now the latest solo album from Sonic Youth co-founder Thurston Moore, ‘The Best Day’. Recorded in London with his new band — featuring guitarist James Sedwards (Nøught), bassist Deb Googe (My Bloody Valentine) and SY drummer Steve Shelley, ‘The Best Day’ is a staggeringly confident, expansive work, one that not only rivals much of Moore’s past work, but also suggests his relocation to England has inspired a creative rebirth of sorts. Keep in mind, we’re already dealing with one of the harder working, prolific characters in modern music, rock or otherwise.  Listen to the song  ’The Best Day’.


     The Best Day Track Listing:

1.       Speak To The Wild

2.       Forevermore

3.       Tape

4.       The Best Day

5.       Detonation

6.       Vocabularies

7.       Grace Lake

8.       Germs Burn



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